Bold Group: World-Class Alarm Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Physical Security

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Rod Coles, President, Bold GroupRod Coles, President
Today, the need to address physical security emerges as a key necessity alongside the business concerns on cyber attacks. Enterprises invest significant amount of time and money in safeguarding their ecosystems from such attacks and trespasses. When it comes to physical security, well equipped criminals can surpass legacy monitoring systems causing huge damage to the enterprises. Catering to the inexorable need for physical security, Colorado based Bold Group delivers best-of-breed enterprise monitoring solutions tailored to achieve optimal physical security assistance.

Founded in February 2019 following the acquisitions and mergers of prominent alarm monitoring and similar security solution providers such as Bold Technologies, Perennial Software, Secure Global Solutions and SIMS, Bold Group offers the most comprehensive array of alarm monitoring and integrated financial solutions for the electronic security industry. With engineering expertise and experience for more than three decades in the landscape, Rod Coles, President of the company positions Bold Group to deliver the highest quality services to its customers.

“Our solution stack supports critical services that ensure safety and security of life and property. Our product portfolio features award-winning and renowned alarm monitoring systems such as stages, Manitou, and SIMS,” says Coles. Stages—the leading automation platform for alarm and device monitoring—integrates customer management, data communication, notifications and cyber security providing a world-class software with outstanding customer support. The solution ensures plain sailing third-party integrations by availing multiple levels of APIs for different customer needs. Facilitating cloud integration, stages’ architecture enables flexibility and provides customers with timely notifications with email, SMS, IVR calls and chat rooms.

Additionally, Bold Group offers Manitou, a flexible and expandable alarm monitoring software with a newly re-designed user interface that enables improved surveillance. It helps to increase RMR (recurring monthly revenue) with an extensive list of product integrations and add-on modules.

Provides solutions for alarm monitoring and business management software for the security industry

Designed with web-based interface, Manitou is easy for dispatchers to navigate and create their own customized dashboards to quickly view statistics most important to their daily tasks, and is accessible from workstations, laptops, and tablets. Bold Group’s ManitouPSIM integrates security applications and devices to provide complete control through a single platform and offers a comprehensive visual display with 3D site and floor plans to quickly identify threats, prioritize incidents and resolve situations. The company also offers an alarm solution ideal for small scale applications ManitouLITE with easy installation, minimal training, and lower cost especially for universities, gated communities, and corporate proprietary monitoring centres.

Realizing the need for a simpler solution that is convenient for security industries, Bold Group tables SIMS, a windows-based application that includes features such as One-Click Temporary Schedules, Search Filtering for Accounts, and other shortcuts designed to simplify alarm-handling. Developed with several outstanding features that well align with the needs of the industry, SIMS III serves numerous customers across the globe. The SIMS platform was created by a team of former alarm installers, fire-fighters, police dispatchers, and other public safety personnel making it more accurate and in-sync with the real-world requirements.

On top of the alarm monitoring systems, Bold Group renders industry’s best accounting and business management systems for security dealers. Security industry’s most dominant organizations trust the company’s novel SedonaOffice that helps them run and operate their businesses. The solution’s robust features and functionality equip organizations to streamline operations, increase RMR, and grow business. Designed with advanced accounting capabilities, the enterprises can leverage Bold Group’s SedonaOffice to take control of their accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger with the tools to streamline invoicing through reporting.

With several renowned and award-winning solution stacks, Bold Group has gained recognition from organizations of various verticals. Realizing the necessity of active partnership with its customers, the company engages with them to ensure that their needs are understood and encourage them to participate in the innovation process, making a strategic leap towards its future.
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Bold Group

Colorado Springs, CO

Rod Coles, President

Provides solutions for alarm monitoring and business management software for the security industry